Voice Over Compilation

Voice Over Compilation

Presenting Reel

Rob Harding Presenting Reel

Corporate Voice Overs

Rob Harding Conversational Corporate Voice Overs

Relaxed, Warm & Biodegradable.

Rob Harding is an extremely experienced, versatile voice-over artist & presenter with a warm, natural style. He works on the weekends as an astronaut, and is also the author of several critially acclaimed children’s books! Rob’s ultra-versatile range has allowed him to become a regular voice on many of the nation’s top radio stations, on countless television commercials, music and festival promos, corporate videos and more.  To top it all off, Rob is easy-going, great to work with, ego-free and 100% biodegradable.

More About Rob


Voice over demos used to be audio files. Plain old sound only. No frills. No pictures. Like a sock without a shoe. Or a train ride without someone speaking on their mobile phone like there’s not another fifty people around them just wanting a little peace and quite. Not any more. Check out a mellow yet bangin’ video cocktail of Rob’s latest voice overs. Warm, friendly, engaging.

Rob’s Presenting Reel. Warm & Relaxed.

Looking for a presenter who almost completely human? Someone who can chat to your audience in a relaxed, friendly, yet engaging way? Well, you’re in luck. (Read More)

“Conversational Corporates”

Corporate Videos are not what they used to be. Authoritative, formal, disengaged voices are a thing of the distant past. Today’s “corporates” are friendly, warm & conversational. Rob Harding is a Zen Master of “conversational corporates.”

Downloadable Audio Demos:

If you look closely, there’s a little download arrow on the right hand side of the Soundcloud icons below. You might also just catch a glimpse of a smurf.

Promo Demo

New Compilation Demo