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 Video Demos:

Voice Over Mix Tape

Voice Over Compilation
Most voice demos are simply audio files. Plain old sound only. No frills. No pictures. Like a sock without a shoe. Or a bus ride without someone speaking on their mobile phone like there’s not another fifty people on the bus not wanting just a little bit of piece a quite, damn it. Welcome to the revolution.

Presenting Reel

Rob Harding Presenting Reel - Warm & Natural.
Looking for a presenter who almost completely human? Someone who can chat to your audience in a relaxed, friendly, yet engaging way? Well, you’re in luck.

Conversational Corporates

Rob Harding Conversational Corporate Voice Overs
Corporate Videos are not what they used to be. Rather than using authoritative, formal voices, todays ‘corporates’ are friendly, warm and conversational. Rob Harding is a Zen Master of ‘conversational corporates.’ Book him for your next corporate job and turn corporate boredom into corporate awesome.

Audio Demos:

Brand New Promo Demo!

Brand New Compilation Demo!