Sometimes “home studio” means a cupboard with mattresses and a few blankets to block out the road noise. Rob’s studio was custom built with complete acoustic treatment and he has lots of fancy gear to help him sound great.

Getting a professional voice-over from Rob is easy as pie.

Fast. Simple.

Getting a great voice recording from Rob is fast, incredibly simple and completely pain-free. Most jobs can be turned around in a matter of hours.

Some of Rob’s clients are happy to email him a script and get back the recording without being involved at all. If you haven’t worked with Rob before, it’s advisable to listen in just make sure you’re getting what you wanted.


Easy Connection

Connect to your session with Rob in the way that suits you: 

  • Phone. Rob has a dedicated line into his studio so you can just listen in over the phone. This offers the lowest sound quality, but is quick and simple.

  • Zoom, Teams etc. If you have a set of headphones, the audio quality over a conferencing app is generally better than a phone. If you’re the friendly type, you can even turn you camera on and say Hi! 

  • Source Connect. Rob regularly connects with other studios using this awesome software that allows the audio to be recorded over an internet connection at very high quality. Listening over Source Connect will sound like Rob is in the same room. 

The Tech Stuff

Rob’s studio is equipped with broadcast quality microphones, including the broadcast industry standard Sennheiser MKH416, RØDE NTG3 and an Audio Technica AT4047. His interface is a 3rd Gen Focusrite Scarlett 18i8.

Rob has Source Connect Pro (Username: robharding). He can deliver audio in the format of your choice (the default is a mono 24bit, 48K Wav).


Let’s Work Together

Book a session or tell Rob more about your project

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